Green Moving Solutions

For decades moving to Charlotte NC meant trips to the big box stores to secure their used packing boxes. As recycling became popular this resource disappeared and the need to purchase these cardboard boxes became the norm. When you do the math, packing  boxes when moving is an expensive venture that may not be necessary or worthwhile. Just look at what you need when moving to Charlotte for just one average sized bedroom:

  • 18 Medium Boxes (approx 2 cubic feet)
  • 10 Large Boxes  (approx 3-3.5 cubic feet)
  • 4 X-Large Boxes (4.5+ cubic feet)
  • 2 Rolls Packing Tape (2 inch x 55 yards)
  • 2 Permanent Markers

All those trees sacrificed to move America!

Now there’s a more convenient affordable green way to move your possessions to Charlotte NC and keep them even safer than cardboard packing boxes.

Available to rent or own, you decide! No more breaking up boxes to send to the recycler, or put at the curb.

Our Green Moving to Charlotte NC solutions are:

  • Available in Three Sizes
  • No Tape Needed
  • Crush Proof
  • You Can Rent or Buy
  • Reusable
  • No Waste
  • Delivered

Ask about our reusable moving to Charlotte NC boxes today!